NGI Certified Light Green Type A Carved Rose Jadeite Ring

Hongkong Size 16/ US Size 7
Exquisitely Handcarved
Natural Jadeite Ring
Even color
Accompanied with Nanyang Gemological Institute Report

3.23 Carats Unheated Natural Ceylon Star sapphire

Color: Light Blue
Origin: Ceylon/ Sri Lanka
Clarity: VS
Cut: Oval Shape Cabochon
Carat: 3.23 carats
Approx: 8.53X7.14X4.70mm
Treatment: None/ Untreated
Note: Well Centralized Asterism 

Certified Unheated Green Sapphires Gems

Color: Bluish Green
Origin: Africa
Clarity: VS, Eye Clean
Cut: Heart/ Love Shape
Carat: 0.90 carats
Approx: 5.36X5.97X3.53mm
Treatment: None/ Untreated
Accompanied with AGL Thai Laboratory Report

Color: Yellowish Green
Origin: Tanzania
Clarity: Eye Clean
Cut: Oval Shape
Carat: 1.54 carats
Approx: 6.9X5.3X4.5mm
Treatment: None/ Untreated

Color: Deep Green
Clarity: Eye Clean
Cut: Oval Shape
Carat: 2.01 carats
Approx: 8.02X5.93X4.8mm
Treatment: None/ Untreated
Accompanied with Chanthaburi Geological Laboratory Report

NGI Certified Type A Untreated Natural Icy Jadeite Diamond Pendant

Nan Yang Gemological Institute Certified
Grade A Natural Icy Jadeite Oval Cabochon 
Very Fine Grain
Colourless, Fluorescence Quality
18K Solid Dual Tone Gold and Diamond Pendant

Type A Green Jadeite Cabochon 18K Filigree Diamond Ring

Nan Yang Gemological Institute Certified 
Grade A Untreated Burmese Jadeite 
Very Fine Grain
Customized Old English Style Ring Setting
18K White Gold And Natural Diamond Accemt 

NGI Certified Natural Type A Icy Light Green Jade Jadeite Cabochon

Approx 11mm X 11mm X 5mm
 Grade A Round Cabochon Icy Jadeite 
 Very Fine Grain 
Light, Clear, Dewy Green Fluorescent

NGI Certified 2.08 Carats Unheated Blue Heart Sapphire 18K Diamond Ring

SOLD, Custom Ring for Ms Julia Husni, Singapore.
"Thank you Sheila for the hard work ❤️"
2.08 Carats Unheated Blue Heart Shape Sapphire
Custom Cut, Intense Blue, Fully Untreated, Quality Heart Cut Sapphire Are Rare
Singapore Established Nan Yang Gemological Institute Certified
18K Customized Filligree Ring
Handcarved Full Round
0.30 Ctw of Natural Diamonds
An Unquestionable Heirloom Piece

18K White Gold Customized Unheated Sapphire Clover Ring

SOLD, Custom Heirloom Ring for Ms Li Li Lim, Singapore.
"Oh my gawd...made my heart skip two Beats! Thanks tons, Sheila! Love it!!!"
Bespoke 4 Leaves Lucky Clover Design
Simple Yet Sophisticated
The Unheated Ice Blue Sapphire Takes the Centre Stage

GIA Certified 1.30 Carats Untreated Natural STRONG Color Alexandrite Marquise Filigree Diamond Ring

Color: Bluish Green Changing to Purple
Clarity: VVS
Cut: Marquise Brilliant Cut
Origin: India
Carat: 0.81 carats
Approx: 10.05 X 4.51 X 2.49mm
Treatment: None
Accompanied with GIA Alexandrite Report

Substantial 6.6 grams of 18K White Gold Filigree Designed Diamond Ring
0.50 Carats of Top Quality Natural Diamonds US6



EMIL Certified Unheated Natural Purplish Red Burmese Star Ruby

SOLD, Mdm Christina Ong, Singapore.
"Great communication! Nice Ruby 👍🏻"
Color: Purplish Red
Clarity: Clean
Cut: Oval Cabochon
Origin: Burma
Carat: 17.595 carats
Approx: 13.27 X 16.49 X 7.37mm
Treatment: None
Accompanied with EMIL Gem Laboratory Report (Japan)
Note: Straight, Centralised Star (asterism)

AIGS Certified Natural Intense Green Zambian Emerald Oval Cab

SOLD, Mr Christian Alzati, Italy.
"Beautiful forest green color and thank you Sheila for making the trip down, commendable customer service!"
Color: Intense Green
Clarity: Slightly Included
Cut: Oval Cabochon
Origin: Zambia
Carat: 12.33 carats
Approx: 18.10 X 12.55 X 7.17mm
Treatment: Oiled
Accompanied with AIGS Gemstone Brief Report
Note: Large, Beautiful Vivid Green With Good Transparency

Certified Unheated Deep Royal Blue Natural Cushion Sapphire

Color: Deep Blue with Royal Blue Flashes
Clarity: Eyeclean, VVS
Cut: Rectangular Cushion
Origin: Tanzania
Carat: 2.20 carats
Approx: 8.5X 6X 4mm
Treatment: None 
Accompanied with Nan Yang Gemological Institute Report
Note: Clean and Well-cut Specimen

Certified Grade A Handcarved Untreated Natural Black Jade Pendant

Excellent, Fine, Detailed Handcarving of the Laughing Buddha
Beautiful Matte and Glossy Contrast
18K White Gold Bale
Accompanied with Nan Yang Gemological Institute Report.
Approx 3.2cm by 4cm (at the widest point)

Certified Type A Handcarved Untreated Natural Black Jadeite Pendant

Excellent, Fine, Detailed Handcarving
Beautiful Matte and Glossy Contrast
18K White Gold Bale
Accompanied with Nan Yang Gemological Institute Report.
Approx 7cm by 4.5cm (at the widest point)

Customized Bespoke 14K Rose Gold Opal Diamond Ring

SOLD, Custom Engagement Ring for Mr Marshall Lee, Singapore.
"Great job! Really appreciate all the hard work put into the ring. Good followup and all."
Modern, Simplicity Opal Diamond Ring
Multi Colorplay Natural Solid Opal Cabochon
Exhibit Flashes of Red, Green, Yellow and Orange
Translucent, Off White Body Color
14K Rose Gold and Diamond Accented Setting

Blissful Brides Magazine Issue 24 July-Dec 2016

NGI Certified Rare Large Transparent Sillimanite/ Fibrolite SHARP Cat's Eye

Color: Light Honey Grey
Clarity: Eyeclean, Near Transparent
Cut: Oval Cabochon
Carat: 10.86 carats
Approx: 14.10 X 11.88 X 7.47mm
Treatment: None 
Accompanied with Nan Yang Gemological Insitute Report
Report no.: 16804318
Note: Large size, sharp and straight cateye (chatoyance) on clean, near tranparent, even color specimen is not commonly seen. 
Will make a fine, bold, statement ring.

Sillimanite Gemstones
Sillimanite Crystal
Sillimanite Crystal
Sillimanite is a type of aluminum silicate that is related to both andalusite and kyanite. In fact, these three minerals are polymorphs - they share the same chemical composition but have different crystal structures. Kyanite is formed in a lower temperature and higher pressure environment, while andalusite forms at lower temperature and lower pressure conditions. Sillimanite forms at higher temperatures and higher pressures.
Sillimanite is named after the American chemist, Benjamin Silliman (1779-1864). Silliman was one of the first American professors of science and taught at Yale University. He was originally trained as a lawyer and taught law at Yale. The president of the university proposed that Silliman study chemistry and natural history, and then assume a new professorship in the sciences at Yale. Silliman thus became an important chemist and geologist and discovered the constituent elements of many minerals. He was also the very first person to distill petroleum.
Sillimanite Cat's Eye
Sillimanite Cat's Eye
Sillimanite has a hardness of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale and a vitreous to silky luster. It has a refractive index of 1.655 to 1.684; approximately the same as that of spodumene. Its specific gravity is 3.23 to 3.27, placing it between apatite and diopside on the density scale. Like diamond, topaz and fluorite, sillimanite has perfect cleavage.
Sillimanite occurs in a number of colors, ranging from colorless to gray-white, yellowish, brownish and bluish. Sillimanite is rarely transparent. Sillimanite also occurs in a fibrous form sometimes known as fibrolite, so named because the mineral appears like a bunch of fibres twisted together. Some of this fibrous sillimanite displays chatoyancy (the cat's eye effect), often in an attractive violet-brown shade.
Throughout history, sillimanite has been considered a rare gemstone that is known mainly to collectors. Deposits of sillimanite have been found in Burma, Sri Lanka, Kenya and the USA. Recent finds in India have made sillimanite more widely available, though it is still classified as a collector's gem.

Certified 3.40 carats Unheated Natural Padparadscha Oval Sapphire

Color: Pink Orange
Origin: Sri Lanka
Clarity: SI
Cut: Oval
Carat: 3.40 carats
Approx: 10.30 X 7.60 X 5.41mm
Treatment: None 
Accompanied with AIGS Gemstone Identification Report
Report no.: GF14071736
Note: Quality, Unheated Sri Lanka Pad Sapphire is a hard to come by let alone one of this size.

1.65 Carats Unheated Canary Yellow Sapphire Marquise Diamond Bypass Ring

Bright Canary Yellow Untreated Natural Yellow Marquise Sapphire
Mounted on Customized 18K White Gold Bypass Ring
0.38 Carats of Quality Natural Full-cut Channel Set Diamonds
Will Make An Exquisite Right Hand Ring